Scandalous decision must be overturned

AFTER months of campaigning, it is scandalous that the Anglian Cancer Network remains determined to move head and neck cancer surgery away from Ipswich Hospital.

AFTER months of campaigning, it is very disappointing that the Anglian Cancer Network remains determined to move head and neck cancer surgery away from Ipswich Hospital.

However that is not the end of the battle - campaigners must now focus their attention on the person who has to make the final decision on the future of the unit, health secretary Alan Johnson.

But first the Suffolk health scrutiny committee has to refer the decision to Whitehall - and campaigners must ensure that Mr Johnson has the chance to see what is proposed in Suffolk.

He now has to look again at the proposals to move all head and neck cancer surgery to Norwich, and to re-examine the figures that prompted the move in the first place.

Hopefully Mr Johnson will be able to see that some of the figures that were used to justify the move simply don't add up - the consultation has been a sham as health bosses were determined to go ahead with the move from day one even though the figures simply don't justify such a move.

Calls for head and neck cancer surgery to be retained at Ipswich have come from across the political spectrum - the fight was quickly taken up by Conservative candidate Ben Gummer.

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The battle was subsequently backed by Labour MP Chris Mole after he had carefully looked at the facts. He has called for a much more in-depth and transparent investigation of the importance of head and neck cancer surgery before any final decision is taken.

With such heavyweight backing it is vital that Mr Johnson re-examines the whole head and neck cancer proposal very carefully - the people of Ipswich and Suffolk remain convinced that if he does then this appalling decision will be reversed.

IT MAY have been a miserable afternoon weather-wise, but nothing could have stopped thousands of people heading to Christchurch Park for the annual Ipswich Music Day.

Bands catering for every type of music kept the crowds entertained - and the weather brought a bit of Glastonbury chic to the town . . . without the cost of a ticket.

The music carried on at pubs in the town last night - and the Three Mariners in Trimley had got the musical weekend off to a tuneful start with its own mini-festival on Saturday.

It all went to prove that it isn't just the musical superstars who can keep the fans entertained.

WHAT a great Sunday for armchair sports fans!

The day started with a fantastic home win in the British Grand Prix for local lad Lewis Hamilton who showed that when the weather got tough he really is the best driver in the world.

Then tennis fans were treated to what many are now calling the best Wimbledon final of all time with Rafa Nadal eventually overcoming the legendary Roger Federer.

All that followed the victory by 14-year-old Briton Laura Robson in the girls' singles - showing that it is just possible that in the next few years we could have a home winner in the world's greatest tournament.