Scare-seekers flock to ghost-hunt

A HUNT for ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night sent a shiver up the spine of scare-seekers.

A HUNT for ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night sent a shiver up the spine of scare-seekers.

And although the paranormal activity was restricted to bangs, knocks and mysterious lights, the first-ever all-night public ghost probe at a Suffolk fort was today been hailed as a great success.

Now the organisers want to do it again.

Tickets were £45 each, but it was so popular, people had to be turned away.

Members of the London Paranormal Society held the ghost hunt at Landguard Fort at Felixstowe, a seven-hour scientific monitoring of the ghostly goings on at the monument.

Organiser Ian John Shillito said: “We had an amazing response and had to turn people away, which was pretty cool for us because we have never had such a good response before.

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“It was sad to have to disappoint some people and we are trying to arrange another date and also hoping to find other haunted properties in the Felixstowe area where we might try similar spirit monitoring.”

It was a wet and windy night, and while some people enjoyed a tour of the fort with ghost expert and writer Richard Bradshaw, others crammed into dark and cold corridors and magazine tunnels to sit and wait for any paranormal activity with psychic investigators and their equipment.

“It was very interesting. We had a few knocks and bangs and some unexplained lights were seen,” said Mr Shillito.

“You can never guarantee you will see anything and seven hours on one night is quite a short time to focus on a building.

“It was a success though and a great honour to be allowed to do an evening like that in the fort.”

The next ghost night will be on November 15 - it will be open to over 18s only. Tickets from London Paranormal Direct on 079822 30208.

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FASTFACTS: Ghosts galore at Landguard

The ghost of the first ever soldier to be killed in action at the fort during World War Two was said to be witnessed immediately after his death, terrifying his fellow colleagues.

The image of a sailor has also been seen looking out of a window - even seen from the road outside.

A musketeer who was said to be the only soldier killed in the battle when the Dutch attacked the fort in 1667 during the last invasion of England by a foreign force. He only seems to appear when the country is in danger.

One regular haunting replays the death of a Portuguese woman who was driven insane by her soldier husband's death by firing squad in 1757, that she committed suicide by throwing herself off the ramparts.

The victim of an infectious plague who was locked in the bastion in 1770 and left to die a slow, a horrible death, has also been seen.