Scrap traditional ties at Cliff Lane Primary School or ‘children could get hurt’, claims Ipswich girl, 14

Cliff Lane Primary School in Ipswich.

Cliff Lane Primary School in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

A 14-year-old girl’s petition to scrap “dangerous” traditional ties from an Ipswich school’s uniform is just 35 signatures shy of its target.

Keira Shepherd, whose little brother Cameron attends Cliff Lane Primary School, is concerned that when traditional ties are introduced as part of a uniform revamp in September there will be an increase in tie-related injuries – possibly even fatal ones.

Her petition to exclusively roll out clip-on ties now has more than 60 signatures from parents and children at the small school, owned by academy trust Bright Tribe.

“I wanted to speak out. I went to the school myself a few years ago and I think all ties should just be clip-ons, and that they shouldn’t cost too much”, said 14-year-old Keira.

“Traditional ties can be dangerous as children have not yet matured and do not fully understand the consequences of their actions. When they are playing their tie could catch on a tree, and this could even cause death.

“I do not want this to happen at a local primary school.”

Keira and her friends have spoken to parents at the school gates in recent weeks, and she is planning to write a letter to the headteacher.

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Several mums have tried to do the same thing, claims Rebecca Garner, who has children at the school. She claims clip-on ties could cost up to £6 while an entire uniform could cost more than £30 per child.

“So many people are against this. It’s going to be expensive and could be dangerous. I don’t understand why the uniform is changing now”, she said.

“Parents are just concerned for their child’s safety personally I think there is nothing wrong with worrying about your child. And with there also having been a uniform change only eight months ago I don’t see why we should have a change when the uniform they have right now is perfectly fine.”

A spokesman for the school said: “Bright Tribe has a standard uniform across all of its schools and this is due to be rolled out to Cliff Lane Primary School from September.

“The uniform includes a blazer and tie from year three upwards and is designed to be smart and to reflect the high standards expected in Bright Tribe schools. When we introduce the new uniform to one of our schools we provide a number of the badged items free of charge to each pupil and this includes the tie.

“Parents are free to buy a clip on tie as an alternative if they prefer.”

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