Screams heard as woman hurt in fire

NEIGHBOURS today described hearing 'terrible screaming' as a woman suffered burns in a garden fire.A 25-year-old woman had to be airlifted to Ipswich Hospital for treatment to burns on her legs and back last night after a fire in Moors Close, Debenham.

NEIGHBOURS today described hearing “terrible screaming” as a woman suffered burns in a garden fire.

A 25-year-old woman had to be airlifted to Ipswich Hospital for treatment to burns on her legs and back last night after a fire in Moors Close, Debenham.

An elderly neighbour said: “The first I knew was when I heard terrible screaming.

“It must have been exactly 5pm because I had just sat down to watch Songs of Praise. I saw all the smoke flying about and thought 'oh my God'. The flames were coming through my fence.

“She must have been in so much pain.”

The fire started in the back garden and fire crews from Debenham and Eye attended and soon extinguished the blaze.

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It was the worst incident in an horrific weekend for the fire service.

This morning fire crews were called to a grass fire at the rear of Comet, in Anglia Retail Park, Goddard Road, Ipswich, at 6.34am, a minibus fire in Bramford Lane at 4.23am and a paper bank fire at Asda, in Goddard Road, Ipswich, at 3.10am.

At 4pm yesterday another blaze broke out on Rushmere heath, close to the area of Saturday's fire.

Three crews were sent and the fire was under control by around 5.30pm, but in the meantime more crews had to be called to deal with a separate fire on the heath, closer to Heath Road.

This call came in at around 5.20pm.

At around 1.20pm crews were called to the back garden of a house in Boot Street, Great Bealings and spent around half an hour extinguishing a fire.

At 11.10am around 800 tonnes of straw went up in a massive blaze at Debach airfield near Woodbridge.

Two straw stacks, each containing around 400 tonnes, and two farm vehicles were involved in the fire on the edge of Debach airfield, near Woodbridge.

The blaze broke-out at around 11am and eight crews from across east Suffolk attended.

It was under control by around 3pm.

On Saturday, at around 11.30pm firefighters in Ipswich were called to a grass fire at the Cobham Road recreation ground.

The fire involved around 10 square metres of grass and was out within 20 minutes.

At 6pm three crews from Ipswich attended a stubble fire just off Larkwood Close which took around half an hour to bring under control and at 8.18pm there was a small grass fire at the BMX track in Landseer Park which was out by 8.35pm.

Residents of Tasmania Road had a close shave when heath land at the back of their homes caught fire at around 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Four acres of grass caught fire and the flames stopped around 10 metres from some of the homes.

Library users in Ipswich had a scare on Saturday when they evacuated from the building in Northgate Street after a fire in a downpipe.

The fire took hold just before 2.50pm after a discarded cigarette set rubbish at the bottom of the downpipe alight and the flames spread to inside the pipe, where there had been a build-up of leaves and rubbish.

Firefighters were called and the top of Upper Brook Street was sealed off as they accessed the roof and checked the building. The fire was quickly extinguished but the road remained closed while crews checked the building had sustained no damage and the downpipe was completely clear.

In Stowmarket on Saturday when more than 50 acres of farmland went up in flames.

The blaze, at Valley Farm, ruined 40 acres of crops and 15 acres of cut straw.

It began at around 4pm and took more than an hour to put out.

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