Screening of women’s body image documentary, Embrace, is a sell-out success in Ipswich

Embrace director Taryn Brumfitt

Embrace director Taryn Brumfitt - Credit: Archant

An inspirational documentary exploring the pressures and issues women face over their body image worldwide will be returning to Ipswich after a sell-out screening.

Ipswich positive mindset coach Katrina Love from Lifecheck organised the screening at the University of Suffolk on May 9.

But after the success of the screening, a second has been organised for June 28, while a workshop will take place on Wednesday on being confident, healthy and happy.

Ms Love said: “Some people do not realise that the images they see of celebrities/models have been heavily photo-shopped and are simply not real. Multinational companies thrive on and promote this self doubt.

“It is time for women to stop trying to live up to other people’s unrealistic expectations and treat their bodies with the love and respect that it deserves.”

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