Seagulls go on the attack

SEAGULLS are making life a misery for an Ipswich couple.

SEAGULLS are making life a misery for an Ipswich couple.

Martin Baldry, of Geralds Avenue, near Foxhall Road, says the gulls are nesting at the nearby Jewsons building yard and regularly attack him and his wife Angela.

The couple, who have lived at the house for nine years, have problems sleeping at night because of the noise from the gulls and believe something should be done.

“They are causing us nothing but grief” said 52-year-old Mr Baldry. “We cannot sleep at night because the younger gulls are being fed by the older seagulls and they are going berserk.

“We are getting the noise 24 hours a day and being attacked in the back and front gardens. We went to have a barbecue last year at the top of the garden and we had to bring it indoors because we were getting constantly attacked.”

Mr Baldry, who works as a machine operator, said the problems have been on-going since they moved in to the house but in the past couple of years it has got much worse.

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He has been in touch with Ipswich MP Chris Mole and Ipswich Borough Council.

A council spokeswoman said “We are aware of Mr Baldry's complaints but unfortunately seagulls, being wild birds, are difficult to control.

“It appears the seagulls are nesting on the roof of an adjacent commercial property. Environment Heath Officers have visited the area and are in the process of discussing with the owners of the premises measures they can take to try to reduce the likelihood of seagulls nesting.”