Second accident in same spot prompts safety calls

IPSWICH: Residents were stunned when a delivery van was left teetering over the pavement on the edge of a wall this week – but it wasn’t the first time.

It has since emerged that a car was left in the same position three years ago when it accidentally drove over the edge of the wall and was left stranded.

And a councillor has now called for bollards to be installed at the site on the corner of Westerfield Road and Park Road.

Councillor Inga Lockington, of Westerfield Street, said: “I remember seeing it in 2007 when it first happened.

“It was a day when there was an event happening in Christchurch Park so there were lots of people walking down the pavement.

“There must be something about parking there that people don’t realise it is not level ground.

“Since it has now happened twice, I think we need to do something about it. If it happens again, you could have somebody walking on the pavement and they could easily be knocked over.

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“It could be a child or an older person who may not be able to move as quickly to get out of the way.

“I have asked the highways officers to see if they could write to the landowner in case someone comes walking past one day and a third car does the same.

“I am hoping the land owner will put some bollards in to stop it happening again.”

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