Second time unlucky for passenger

TODAY'S accident at Woodbridge was second time unlucky for rail passenger Steve Owen.Mr Owen, 39, of Bigsby's Corner, Benhall, near Saxmundham, was a passenger on the train.


OH NO, not again!

That was the reaction today of rail passenger Steve Owen after he was involved in an accident on a Suffolk level crossing for the second time in nine months.

Today's accident saw a train and a car involved in a collision at an unmanned level crossing at Woodbridge station.

Mr Owen, 39, of Bigsby's Corner, Benhall, near Saxmundham, was a passenger on the train.

He said: "I am not happy. This is real bad luck. It's the second time something like this has happened to me – I was on the train which crashed in Blaxhall last year.

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"The train had just left Woodbridge station and there was a slight bump and it seemed nothing major. I then realised what had happened.

"I'm really upset. I realise nobody meant for this to happen, but the disruption an incident like this causes, as well as the cost to the people on the train is enormous."

Mr Owen who works as a night watchman at the Salvation Army in Ipswich had just finished his night shift and was on his way home to get changed ready for his other job as a lifeguard at Deben Swimming Pool.

He said: "I'm definitely going to apply for compensation this time. I won't be able to work this afternoon as I won't make it in time. I'm really fed up and I can't believe I was again involved in a train crash."

Car driver Peter Hill, 82, of Melton Park, Woodbridge, was taking his wife Margaret, 81, to her art club when the crash happened at the Haywood level crossing.

He said: "I was heading towards the Tide Mill with my wife. I didn't see or hear anything, the next thing I knew there was a big bang and the car skidded across the track.

"The sun was bright and I didn't see any lights on the signal. I have used this crossing a hundred times before and it's the first accident I have ever had in my life.

"Fortunately neither myself or my wife were injured, but we were both very shaken."

There were 15 passengers on the train which was travelling from Ipswich to Lowestoft.