When can you spot the International Space Station over Ipswich?

The International Space Station. Photo: NASA/NSSDCA

The International Space Station. Photo: NASA/NSSDCA - Credit: NASA/NSSDCA

Keep your eyes on the skies, and you could see the International Space Station passing over Ipswich.

NASA’s Spot The Station website has given details of when the International Space Station will be appearing over the town until August 2.

The website has provided the dates and times when people in the town can view the station, from when it appears on the West horizon to cross over to the East.

It will also be possible to see it in other parts of the area, and on Friday, July 27, if the weather is clear, a viewing of the station can be combined with watching the full lunar eclipse and catching a glimpse of Mars.

The station will be visible to the bare eye, and can be seen for times varying from under one minute to six minutes.

NASA has said that the space station looks like a very bright star or an aeroplane, “except it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction. It will also be moving considerably faster.”

Here are the upcoming dates and times listed by NASA:

July 24: 10.29pm

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July 25: 00.06am, 1.43am, 9.37pm, 11.14pm

July 26: 00.50am, 10.22pm, 11.58pm

July 27: 9.30pm, 11.06pm

July 28: 00:43am, 10.14pm, 11:51pm

July 29: 9.23pm, 10.59pm

July 30: 10.07pm, 11:44pm

July 31: 9:18pm, 10:52pm

August 1: 10pm, 11.37pm

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