Send a festive bluey to our troops

SHOW them you care this Christmas!There are more than 100 troops from Suffolk who will miss Christmas at home with their loved ones this year as they are still serving for their country in war torn Afghanistan.

SHOW them you care this Christmas!

There are more than 100 troops from Suffolk who will miss Christmas at home with their loved ones this year as they are still serving for their country in war torn Afghanistan.

By sending a 'bluey', so-called because of the blue aerogrammes traditionally sent to those in the armed forces, it will make such a difference to the soldiers and give them that vital morale boost at this time of year, which is so often associated with home and family.

Soldiers from the 4 Regiment Army Air Corps, based in Wattisham, need your Christmas wishes and blessings as they face spending this festive season in dangerous conditions.

An MOD spokesman said: “Messages of support from family, friends and the wider public are a great comfort to all those serving abroad, particularly those on operational duty at a time when thoughts are inevitable with those at home.”

We will publish your messages of support for all the servicemen and women abroad and we will also keep you up-to-date with their feedback and see what it is really like out there at this tough time of year.

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The letter below is to the troops on behalf of the Star and its readers:

DEAR sons and daughters of Suffolk,

Today we are sending our best Christmas wishes to all of you still serving our country thousands of miles from home.

As you serve our country in war torn and dangerous Afghanistan, we feel for you as you and your loved ones as you face spending this festive time of year apart.

We want to make this an easier burden to bear and so are today are re-launching our blueys campaign to get our readers to send you messages of support and give you that ultimate morale boost.

We will print these in The Evening Star and post them online so everyone can know just how much people think of you.

We also pledge to print your photos and messages that you send to us for your friends, family and all those who know you.

It must seem a long way from home as Christmas approaches and you are sweltering in the heat, as opposed to the chilly climes and frosty starts here.

While you are out their fighting for your country, the soldiers who have returned from similar harsh conditions have been praised and honoured.

Earlier this month hundreds turned out to the Cornhill in Ipswich to clap and cheer volunteer soldiers from the TA unit in Yarmouth Road who have just returned from Iraq as they proudly marched through the town centre to receive the Freedom of Entry to the Borough of Ipswich.

Your boss, vice admiral Peter Wilkinson, deputy chief of defence staff, agrees that such support from the general public means a “huge amount” to you all.

Earlier last year our 'blueys' campaign was a great success as scores of readers from Suffolk and around the world flooded our website with messages of support that were filled with pride and respect.

We know you are heroes for what you are doing and we want to let you know how much your efforts mean.

We also know that such messages of support are vital to keep you upbeat in difficult circumstances.

Both The Evening Star and the people of Suffolk wish you well and pray that you will all return safely.

We want to give you all the support you deserve.

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas

The Evening Star and the people of Suffolk

If you want to send a bluey to our boys visit

Do you know anyone currently serving abroad? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail