Sentence too lenient says angry mother

THE mother of a child sexually abused by a pensioner today spoke of her shock and disgust at his two-year jail sentence, which she branded "absolutely diabolical".

By Richard Cornwell

THE mother of a child sexually abused by a pensioner today spoke of her shock and disgust at his two-year jail sentence, which she branded "absolutely diabolical".

The parent – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said the court had been far too lenient with John Green, who will be out of prison and back in her neighbourhood by next year.

Green, 69, of Marina Gardens, Felixstowe, was put behind bars for two years for sexually abusing five children who visited his home.

He struck up friendships with local youngsters by mending their bicycles and then invited them into his house to play snooker and watch videos while his disabled wife was upstairs – and then sexually assaulted them.

The mother of two of the children involved spoke to the Evening Star about the trauma the incidents had caused her family.

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"I could not believe it when I heard he had only got two years – I nearly fell off my chair," said the woman. "Two years is not enough. I am disgusted. It's far too lenient and I think it is diabolical.

"That's only about four months for what he did to each child, and he will probably be out in about a year because no-one serves their full sentence.

"Then he will be back living here. How is that going to make my children and the other children involved feel when they see him back in this area, walking and driving around? I had not got the guts to tell them he only got two years."

She said when her son found out he could not believe it. "He said, 'How can parents protect their children if you are not allowed to know where these people (sex offenders) are living?'" she said.

Police launched an investigation into Green after they received a report that he had indecently assaulted a 13-year-old boy who had visited his home to play snooker and watch TV.

Ipswich Crown Court heard Green had held the boy down in an armchair with one hand and pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and indecently assaulted him.

Green also pleaded guilty to indecently touching three other schoolboys and a girl.

The mother said the incidents had left her children traumatised and had an effect on the whole family.

"It has been a nightmare – and now we are worried what it will be like when he returns. It will be all over for him, but his being back here will have a terrible effect on us again," she said.

The woman said she had been concerned about the number of young children going to Green's home and she had visited him to ask him about it.

"I thought it was a bit funny because elderly people shoo children away and like a peaceful life, he was encouraging them," she said.

"He just said, why, what's so unusual about it? But I thought there was something strange about it, even though you don't like to think you cannot trust people – this shows you cannot."

Neighbours said Green seemed "a very quiet, normal man" and were shocked to know what had been going on.

In addition to the jail sentence, Green has been ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for ten years.

His lawyer, Colin Allan said his client had no previous convictions and had been involved in public service for a number of years. "Until now he has led a blameless and hard working life," he said.