Seven things you can feed ducks instead of bread

Keep the ducks happy and healthy Picture: ANDREW MUTIMER/CITIZENSIDE.COM

Keep the ducks happy and healthy Picture: ANDREW MUTIMER/CITIZENSIDE.COM - Credit:

Ipswich Borough Council have asked visitors to Christchurch Park to stop feeding the ducks bread.

The council describe bread for ducks as being like ‘junk food’ which pollutes the water, attracts rats and encourage harmful algae.

They are also concerned that by eating large quantities of bread the birds don’t fill up on other foods which are more beneficial to them.

A council spokesman said: “There’s also a risk that ducks and other water fowl could get an illness known as angel wing, which is caused by not getting the right nutrients in their diet.

“This can hamper the way they fly or even stop them altogether, which could obviously be fatal.”

Kerry Stranix, campaigns manager for Wildlife Trust, agrees that ducks should not be fed bread.

She said: “You could feed them grains instead, often parks have machines with food in for the ducks. Or you could not feed them at all, they can find food where they live.”

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A council spokesman confirmed that duck food is available for the public to purchase at Christchurch Park.

As well as duck food there are six other things you can give to the ducks.

The Canal and River Trust recommend the following edibles.


This snack will have nutritional value for the ducks.

Frozen peas

Something most people have in their freezer, you can simply defrost them and give them to the ducks. They don’t need to be cooked.


Tinned, frozen or fresh the ducks enjoy it all.


Rocket, kale, iceberg are all great choices for the animal. It is often a household product which we don’t end up finishing so save waste and treat the ducks.


From porridge oats to flapjacks they are all a big hit with ducks.


You can use cooked or uncooked rice.

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