Sex attacker warning to boys

TEENAGE boys living in the Kesgrave area are today being warned not to walk alone in the town at night after a series of sexually motivated attacks on youngsters.

TEENAGE boys living in the Kesgrave area are today being warned not to walk alone in the town at night after a series of sexually motivated attacks on youngsters.

In the last two months there have been three attacks on teenage boys in Pilboroughs Walk by a man who has walked out or jumped out in front of them.

In the latest attack, in the early hours of Saturday morning, a 16-year-old boy was groped by a man as he walked home from a friend's house.

Dc Natasha Bailey, investigating the case, said the youngster had been left badly shaken by the ordeal.

She said: “The adolescents have been alone in all three incidents and we would encourage them to walk in large groups and not walk the path alone at night.

“If anyone sees this man they should not approach him and should call the police immediately.”

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In the latest incident the teenager was walking towards Twelve Acre Approach, near the basketball courts, when a man appeared from one of the side roads and walked along in front of him.

He then saw the man walk into a gap in the hedge at Ashdale Park, known locally as Blue Park.

As the teenager approached the man came up and grabbed him by the crotch and made an indecent suggestion.

The youngster managed to break free and made off towards Tesco.

The victim's description of his attacker is similar to a description given by a 15-year-old boy attacked the previous week in the same area.

Both describe their attacker as white, with a spotty complexion and wearing a dark hooded top with a red lining inside.

They also both said their attacker was carrying a bag - in the latest attack that is described as a large black sports bag with a strap over the shoulder.

Dc Bailey added: “We are hoping that the description of the bag might jog some memories as he would be quite distinctive with that.

“We don't know what is motivating this man. There are similar elements in each attack with his behaviour and the language used.”

Police are currently working with the youngster to produce an e-fit of the attacker.

The boy described the man as about 6ft tall, aged 20 to 30, of big build and with closely shaven dark hair.

An e-fit was released of an attacker wanted in connection with an assault on a 17-year-old boy in the same area at about midnight on Monday, April 17 to Tuesday, April 18

Anyone with information about any of the attacks should call Woodbridge CID on 01473 613500.

RESIDENTS living near the scene of three sexual assaults in the past month have spoken of their shock at the spate.

Margaret Broom, 55, of Sherwood Fields, told The Star she had no idea a number of attacks had taken place just a few hundred yards from her front door.

She said: “This was happening right under our noses.

“It is very worrying to know this is going on.

“I can imagine a young boy being assaulted like that would be scarred for life.

“I hope to goodness that the police can catch whoever it is that is doing this.”

Mrs Broom said rowdy youths regularly congregate in the area near her home - drawn to the Tesco supermarket and a bus shelter on Pilboroughs Walk.

Another Sherwood Fields resident, Robin Hood, said he had experienced issues with rowdy youths but was surprised to here that a number of young men had been attacked.

“We didn't realise this was happening at all.

“Police haven't been round making enquiries.

“I hope they catch them soon.”

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