Sex shop letter development

A SEX shop WILL be coming to Wickham Market – that's the message in a letter sent to villagers by the trio of business men behind the controversial application.

A SEX shop WILL be coming to Wickham Market – that's the message in a letter sent to villagers by the trio of business men behind the controversial application.

Concerned residents contacted the Evening Star after receiving the letters this week.

In it the applicants offer their apologies to villagers for any upset they may have caused.

Appearing to ignore Suffolk Coastal's refusal of their application, they go on to explain how their business will operate.

But what has really upset residents is the threat of legal action attached at the end of the letter.

It says: "This is a members only adult club and not a sordid sex shop, we are keen to bring an end to the rumours.

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"However, we would not hesitate to take legal action against anyone proven to make false statement about our company or the partners."

One resident, who declined to be named said: "On first reading I thought it seemed like quite a nice letter but when you get to the bottom there's this kind of veiled threat. It's really unsettled me and quite a lot of other people.

"Even people who haven't been involved in the campaign have come up to me and asked about the 'threatening letter'."

Residents also expressed concern that the letter had been pushed through the door without an envelope. Many had had children pick it up. One woman said: "It's not the kind of thing you want your kids to read. How do you explain to them what a sordid sex shop is?"

The letters, which were received by around three-quarters of the houses in the village, are the latest in a number of antagonistic moves by the proprietors of the business. Last week they put up signs for the business before the application had been decided by the council.

Suffolk Coastal district council have warned that if they do attempt to open the business without appealing, or submitting a new application, they will be in breach of planning laws.

Even if planning permission is given, the trio may still need to apply for a license in order to sell certain kinds of goods.

On Friday Suffolk Coastal's licensing and health committee will be reviewing their polices on the licensing of sex establishments – a move which could have an impact on Adam and Eve's Emporium.

Currently, anyone who is selling, hiring lending or exchanging sex items needs a £12,000 license.

New policies could be introduced which will mean that an applicant for one of these licenses would need to show on a plan any establishments which could be used for vulnerable adults, such as old peoples homes and mental health units.

It would also means that anyone who applies for a license which is then turned down would only get back £4,000 of the £12,000 application fee.

The business men behind the emporium today refused to comment.

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