Shaming the kerb-crawlers

PROSTITUTION is an activity that blights part of Ipswich town centre, turning it into a no-go area for those going about their normal business at night.

PROSTITUTION is an activity that blights part of Ipswich town centre, turning it into a no-go area for those going about their normal business at night.

The dangers to the women working in this area were shown up by the dreadful killings at the end of last year, but it also became clear that those involved in the sex industry are victims of society.

The best way of getting rid of the sex industry from our streets is by cutting out the demand - and that means targeting the punters who use sex workers.

It is good news that the police will be cracking down firmly on kerb-crawlers, taking to court those who are seen trying to pick up prostitutes.

Today The Evening Star is pledging to name and shame those who appear in court for this unpleasant activity.

This crime is one that rightly attracts the disapproval of society. Those who go cruising through the red light area looking for sex are quite rightly held in contempt by the public.

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Now they will not only be risking a court appearance and a fine, but also the public shame of their crime.

Their court summons might arrive in a plain brown envelope, but court hearings are open to the public and the press - and we will be in court to cover their shame.

If reports of their activities appear in the Star they will no longer be able to keep them a secret from their wives, their families, their friends and their colleagues.

We hope this stance will make people think twice before they go cruising around the Ipswich red light district looking for business.

That is the way to eliminate this sordid trade that is a blight on our town.

TONIGHT sees the first competitive meeting of the season for Ipswich Witches at the Foxhall Stadium.

It is a season which speedway fans have been looking forward to as they look to the Witches to bring some much-needed sporting success to the town.

This year's line-up appears to be one of the strongest that the Foxhall faithful will have seen for many years and there are real hopes of success in the Elite League.

Tonight's opener is a very stern test against a strong Reading side, and by the end of the evening fans should have more of a clue about whether the team really is on the verge of a great season - or whether spring has only brought a false dawn.

RUNNING a marathon is a tough proposition for anyone, but when you are running it as part of a family team the pressure is even greater.

But that is what Robin, Ruth and Natasha Belsom have taken on after all being accepted for the London Marathon next month.

And assuming they all succeed charities will be the big winners with Robin and Natasha raising funds for East Anglian Children's Hospices and Ruth hoping to raise hundreds of pounds for the Stroke Association.

Everyone will be wishing them all the best in the race and will be hoping they all post a good time.

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