Shapland babies arrive like buses!

IVAN and Christine Shapland were overjoyed to become grandparents for the first ever time.

IVAN and Christine Shapland were overjoyed to become grandparents for the first ever time.

Then 11 minutes later they got to experience the same joy all over again with a second grandchild!

The couple, who live in Capel St Mary, could not believe that their daughter and daughter-in-law were in delivery rooms next door to each other in Ipswich Hospital's maternity ward and gave birth within minutes of each other.

Their daughter, Honor, was due to give birth on January 18 but began to go into labour on January 4. Her husband Mark Sadler took her to hospital and it was early the next morning when he was looking out the window that he spotted his brother-in-law John Shapland arrive in the hospital car park with his wife Clare at about 7.30am.

Clare had also gone into labour slightly early, as she was not due until January 8. Just a few hours later at 10.05am Honor gave birth to Harris William Sadler, who weighed a healthy seven and a half pounds.

Then at 10.16am Clare gave birth to William John Shapland, who weighed 8lbs 4oz.

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Mr Shapland, 62, said: “My wife and I went in with our daughter at about 11pm the night before and then couldn't believe it when John and Clare came in later.

“They were in delivery rooms next door to each other and could hear each other through the walls. I was waiting in the lounge and my wife was in the room with our daughter. Mark came out of the room and said he had a little boy and then my son came out a few minutes later saying they also had a little boy. We were knocked back. It is like having twins. It is a real coincidence.”

Clare, 28, who lives in Hintlesham, said: “I got to the hospital at 7.30am and he was born by 10.16am.

“We had no idea that Honor had gone into hospital the night before until John saw Mark in the corridor. We joked about it afterwards as we couldn't believe the two of us were next door to each other. The grandparents have had to split themselves into two in visiting us.”

Honor, 33, of Wickham Market, said: “I knew Clare was in the next room as they told me. I was due on January 18 and always thought I would have him later on in January so it was a surprise when he came so early.”

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