Shell-shocking egg laid

IPSWICH: Weighing in at 108 grams and measuring up at 10cm long – this cracking surprise left a town resident completely shell-shocked.

John Driver was astonished when he went to check on his ten chickens and discovered one giant egg laying in the corner.

According to Mr Driver, the egg, which was laid on Thursday, measures 10cm in length and has a circumference of 15cm – a cracking five times heavier than average.

A normal egg is around 6cm, with a circumference of 14cm and weighs in at only 20 grams.

Mr Driver, of Broomfield Road, told The Evening Star he got the ten Rhode Island Reds, who are all unnamed, just over a month ago.

“We previously had four ex-battery hens but sadly they died,” he said. “We then got ten new ones about a month ago.”

“They are only just old enough to start laying, so we never thought we would get anything like this. I’m a little bit astounded by it all – it’s a big’un.”

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The 63-year-old retired head miller at Cranfield Mill, said that he didn’t know what size eggs to expect from the flock of plucky cluckers.

“I went in to collect the eggs from that morning and I saw two small ones. I turned around to check the other side and saw this massive one, which was partially covered up.

“It looked almost like it was two eggs stuck together, or two eggs in one.

“My wife and me wondered whether it might be a two-yoke egg, but we haven’t thought about cracking it open just yet.”

The astounded chicken-keeper and his 59-year-old wife, Susan, are now unsure whether to cook up a feast with the oval giant or to save it.

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