Shoppers caught up in chunnel drama

It was the last thing she expected when embarking on her first trip to Paris.

IPSWICH: It was the last thing she expected when embarking on her first trip to Paris.

Arabella Brown today told of the drama of a festive shopping expedition to the French capital which ended in dismay when she was stranded in the Channel Tunnel for nine hours.

After spending Thursday enjoying the Parisian pace of life, Miss Brown travelled back by car to Calais with best friend Wayne Clarke. But she hadn't bargained on the trip back to the UK to be so treacherous.

The 23-year-old, who works in advertising at The Evening Star, said: “We were supposed to be on the 8.20pm shuttle but we got to Calais early on the Friday because of the snow and we were originally hoping to get on an earlier train.

“After waiting for a while we saw notices saying that everything had been suspended - so we hit the duty free and went to the information desk but they weren't able to tell us anything.”

At 8.30pm, the pair were allowed on to their carriage of the shuttle where they were advised to stay in their car - it was then that the nine hour wait began.

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With nothing to eat but a bar of chocolate, the pair were forced to wait in the shuttle with no clue of the disturbances under the channel.

Miss Brown said: “The staff didn't really know what was going on and it wasn't until about 1am that they came and told us that teas and coffee would be available. It was then that a supervisor came around and told us that the Eurostar was stuck in the tunnel.

“One of the worst things was that our throats felt so dry and it was quite frustrating not knowing what was going on and not having any fresh air.”

She said the smell of the shuttle became quite “unpleasant”.

Miss Brown, of Belstead Road, added: “I loved Paris, so it definitely wouldn't put me off going again - I guess it's just one of these things that happen when the weather turns.”

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