Shotley man consumed 25 double vodkas and tequila before damaging car and wall in Kesgrave

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court. Picture: PHIL MORLEY

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court. Picture: PHIL MORLEY - Credit: Archant

Damaging a car and a wall after consuming 25 double vodkas and tequila has cost a man more than £800.

Travis Frost, of The Street, Shotley, pleaded guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court in Ipswich to two charges of criminal damage in Kesgrave on June 24.

At the time of the offences the 24-year-old had been trying to find where he had been due to stay the night.

Sentencing Frost, Chairman of the Bench Paul Thacker said: “That was an expensive night out. You packed away a huge amount of alcohol and you have caused damage and distress to people.”

Previously prosecutor Wayne Ablett told the court a woman was awoken at 2am after hearing someone shouting in The Walk, Kesgrave.

She looked out of her window to see Frost kicking out at parked vehicles, shouting at someone to let him in a house.

The resident saw Frost go over to her Toyota Yaris and kick it several times.

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The vehicle ended up with a dent near the passenger door handle.

Another female resident woke up at a similar time.

However, Mr Ablett said she went back to sleep. When she awoke again later that morning she saw her wall had been damaged.

It had apparently been kicked and a number of bricks had fallen out.

Frost told police he had been at The Bell pub in Kesgrave to a wedding where he had consumed 25 double vodkas and tequila.

He said he had no recollection of leaving the pub or what time it was and could not remember causing the damage.

Frost had been staying at a friend’s house that night.

Chris Casey, representing Frost, said his client’s job was now in jeopardy pending the outcome of the case.

Alcohol was said not to play a part in Frost’s day-to-day life.

Mr Casey said: “He tells me he doesn’t normally drink.

“That particular week his friend had just been killed in a motorcycle accident and his girlfriend had left him.”

Magistrates fined Frost £250.

He was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to the owner of the car and £200 compensation to the woman whose wall was damaged.

In addition Frost was told to pay £85 towards the prosecution costs, as well as £30 to the victims’ fund.