Shotley: Mum relives freak car flip crash

SHOTLEY: A mother today described her remarkable escape from a car crash which happened after she was distracted by a leaking sunroof.

Natalie Farrugia and her two daughters, Isabella and Madeline Meakin, were amazingly left uninjured after their Renault Megane snapped a telegraph pole in two before flipping on to its side in Main Road, Shotley, on Friday morning.

Miss Farrugia, 36, also paid tribute to the pedestrians, motorists and emergency service workers who came to her aid at the scene.

Recalling the horror moment, Miss Farrugia said: “There was a leak coming from the car’s sunroof and a drop of water hit me in the face.

“I looked up to see where it was coming from and thought, ‘oh my God, the sunroof is leaking’.

“At that moment, I took my eyes off the road and the next thing I knew the car was going up someone’s driveway, hit the telegraph pole and rolled on to its side.

“It all happened so quickly. But before we knew it, the emergency services were there and other drivers had come over to check that we were OK.

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“People came out of their homes and brought us blankets, while others re-directed the traffic as the road was blocked. It was amazing to see and I’m so thankful.”

Miss Farrugia, Isabella, 11, and Madeline, nine, were left with minor aches and bruises following the crash.

She said: “We were so lucky to come out unscathed. I was told that similar incidents often result in drivers being seriously injured.

“However, because I have a high excess on my insurance and the car has been written-off, I won’t receive a penny on the insurance.

“As a single mum with two young kids to take to school, I’m really going to struggle without a car.

“So although I count myself fortunate to have not been hurt, the repercussions are going to be hard for us.”

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