Should shops in Hadleigh open on Sundays?

Hadleigh High Street. Picture: ANDREW PARTRIDGE

Hadleigh High Street. Picture: ANDREW PARTRIDGE - Credit: Andrew Partridge

Hadleigh’s chamber of commerce has asked residents in the small Suffolk town to share their views on Sunday trading.

Should shops be open on Sundays? It’s a question that has divided councils, MPs and neighbours alike ever since Sunday trading laws were introduced back in 1994.

In a Facebook post, Hadleigh’s business hub asked shoppers in the town whether outlets should open for longer on Sunday.

They said: “Modern retail is a 24/7 activity, would you shop in the High Street if it were open on a Sunday?”

Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales, which could give councils the freedom to change opening hours, were dropped in March last year after being rejected by MPs.

However, in recent months the debate has re-ignited - so we are asking readers to share their thoughts with us in the comments below, and add their views to our poll.

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