Shy man exposed himself

AN introverted bus driver who indecently exposed himself to passers-by has been offered help to kerb his “distorted” behaviour.

AN introverted bus driver who indecently exposed himself to passers-by has been offered help to kerb his “distorted” behaviour.

Gavin Moss stood naked in his front bedroom window in full view of women and children walking outside his Peterhouse Close flat in Ipswich.

A four-year-old girl was among those who saw the 37-year-old parading in broad daylight on five separate occasions.

One woman described the vision of Moss as “upsetting” and another told police his actions were “disturbing”.

At South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court Moss, who currently lives with his mother in Lakeside Road, pleaded guilty to five charges of indecent exposure on March 18 and September 4, 5, 6 & 8 last year.

Rosalind Clark, prosecuting said Moss who had no previous convictions and had a girlfriend of two years originally denied the offences.

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Diana Infanti, mitigating said that Moss had “liked to be naked in his own home”. She said that last March there was a car accident outside his flat and he had gone to the window to see what had happened. She added that he had been drinking and was naked.

Mrs Infanti said Moss could not explain why the other four offences occurred. She said: “He did not show a great deal of insight into these offences and because of his nervous disposition it is difficult for him to talk about these offences at all”.

She added that Moss was an “exceptionally shy” person who had difficulties making friends at school when he was young. The court heard that the offences were not sexually motivated and Moss had not been aroused when the offences were witnessed.

Mrs Infanti said Moss had an alcohol problem, had lost his job as a bus driver since his arrest and had suffered from depression. She added: “These proceedings have made him feel exceptionally guilty and ashamed and he does not want to be in court again”.

Magistrates sentenced Moss to an 18-month supervision order to address his “distorted behaviour,” victim awareness, communication skills and “alcohol issues”.

Moss was told to pay £60 towards court costs and sign the sex offenders register and remain on it for five years.

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