Sky’s the limit for youngster

IPSWICH: A high-flying schoolboy is really taking off with his latest hobby.

Young Alex Rumble has got the rest of the competition in a spin after bringing home a national model helicopter flying trophy.

The nine-year-old Britannia Primary School pupil overcame a field of grown-ups to take the Clubman Cup in Nottingham last weekend.

And Alex – who is also a skilful swimmer, representing Ipswich in the pool – has built up quite a collection of remote control choppers at home in Roy Avenue, where he lives with mum Elisa and dad Steve.

The young whizz-kid developed an interest in model helicopters after Mr Rumble took up the unusual hobby – and he immediately showed a natural ability for flying them. “My dad got me into it a couple of years ago,” he said. “But I’m better than him now!”

Mr Rumble agreed: “He started after me but quickly picked it up.”

The powerful and intricately built models are not to be mistaken for toys and can fly up to 400ft at speeds of more than 100mph.

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Alex has become pretty adept at stunt flying – and both he and his dad are members of Orwell Model Helicopter Club.

His flying skills appeared on Channel Five’s Gadget Show, which featured footage filmed from on board one of his aircraft.

He has even grabbed the attention of several sponsors, who have already provided him with four helicopters free of charge.

Alex’s big ambition is to transfer his model flying skills to full size helicopters and make a career for himself in the cockpit of an Apache.

Meanwhile he will continue honing his talent and entering national contests, at which he is always accompanied by his biggest fans, mum and dad.

Mrs Rumble said: “I was so proud when he was announced as the winner of the last competition. They read the names in reverse order and I just screamed when his was said.”

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