Skydive jump for Suffolk grandma

A DAREDEVIL grandma has today revealed why she threw herself out of plane for the second time.

A DAREDEVIL grandma has today revealed why she threw herself out of plane for the second time.

Daphne Turner, 74, did not want to pass up the opportunity of raising cash for Ipswich's St Elizabeth Hospice after seeing two of her friends receive care from its staff.

Despite the concerns of her family who were not keen for her to take on the skydiving challenge, she strapped on a parachute and leapt into the sky on May 28.

Mrs Turner said: “I left the plane standing and it was a bit awesome.

“Because I was standing, not sitting like I was four years ago, I could see everything and it was scary. And it was bitterly cold which really struck you as you jumped out.

“But I enjoyed it once I was out of the plane.”

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Mrs Turner, who lives on Sylvester Road in Leiston, said she had always wanted to take part in a parachute jump.

She said: “I love anything to do with the air, I always have.

“My family were worried it might be unsafe but it is completely safe and they came to watch me on the day.”

She said she was hoping that the challenge would help her collect £400 for the hospice, and said: “My friends were treated amazingly in the hospice, as were all the visitors. There was a brilliant atmosphere and it was almost like a hotel.

“I thought it was important that I use the fact I have been lucky with my health to help some of my friends who have been less lucky.

“I really am quite active, I tap dance and make sure I enjoy life.

“And I also volunteer once a week with the hospice's shop in Leiston.”

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