SNOW WATCH: Live report latest - treacherous drive home tonight

IPSWICH/SUFFOLK: Snow was continuing to fall on Suffolk this afternoon – with many people worried about their journey home tonight.

After much chaos around Ipswich this morning, when drivers faced long journey times over short distances, gritting teams have done an admirable job in the middle part of the day.

Despite persistent snow during the morning and early afternoon gritting crews appear to be on top of the latest snowfall.

But with drivers set to retrace their routes from now on – it could be more rush-hour chaos tonight.

After travelling from Ipswich to Felixstowe in the last few minutes, my advice would be to get on the road early – and not join the big rush from 4.30pm onwards.

Despite radio reports, the old A45 between Nacton, Levington and Trimley wasn’t closed – there had been reports Operation Stack trucks had been placed there.

The link road to Trimley St Martin was open with care – covered by snow but the passing places were ok.

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In the Levington and Trimley areas, where open fields face the biting easterly winds, there was some drifting snow, to about a foot in places, but cars and buses were getting through.

One car had spun off the A14, near Trimley St Martin, and hit a crash barrier but there were no injuries.

The A14 was running freely but there were icy patches in places.

The A12 was down to one carriageway in places between Seven Hills and Martlesham but passable with care.

Everywhere I went the gritters had done their work since this morning – when many complained not enough gritting had taken place.

But with snow threatening from a leaden sky there may be more problems later.

The tips:

Drive slowly and sensibly

Watch for those poor patches which can come on you very quickly

Use your lights – many drivers think they don’t have to

Travel with emergency equipment, warm clothing, a hot drink, in you car.

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