Somersham: Architect tells of Bali quake window leap

Bali/somersham: An architect from Somersham has today told of the “scary” moment he was forced to leap from his office window as an earthquake jolted Bali.

Tim Caston, pictured, who is living and working on the Indonesian island, said people fled buildings as the tremors shook the area.

The US Geological Survey said the 6.0 magnitude earthquake, hit 60 miles south west of the island, 36 miles beneath the ocean floor yesterday morning. Around 50 people were injured, suffering broken bones and head wounds.

“It was a bit scary, we all jumped up from our office desks and jumped out of the window,” said the 27-year-old. “I wasn’t sure whether to go under the desk or jump out.

“All the other guys here bolted for the window so that’s what I did as well. It was quite strong. All the lights were shaking and rattling and the windows were shaking.

“I could look up and down the road and everyone was running out of their houses.”

Mr Caston said his Indonesian colleagues feared the quake would trigger another tsunami, like that which hit Aceh in 2006. “A lot of the guys that work here have families at low level,” he said. “We managed to find out pretty early on that there was no warning.”