Son thanks villagers for bid to rescue his father

SPROUGHTON: The family of a crash victim today thanked neighbours who fought in vain to save his life.

Neil Searle has expressed his gratitude to the villagers of Sproughton who smashed the window and rescued his father, Richard Searle.

Speaking just days after the popular parish councillor was laid to rest, Mr Searle said: “The family want to thank the everyone for their support, the people who tried to help my dad and the staff at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for being so amazing.”

His father was taken to the hospital earlier this month after suffering a heart attack at the wheel and crashing his Volvo into the fence at Sproughton Primary School.

He died days later, despite the best efforts of staff.

“He was flown to Norwich because they had specialist equipment there,” said Mr Searle.

“They used his blood to diagnose a heart attack and they could tell exactly what artery caused it.

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“It was the best place to treat him and it gave the rest of the family enough time to get there and say their goodbyes.”

Richard Searle was highly-regarded by residents in Sproughton, who turned out en masse to pay their condolences on Friday.

“The funeral was held at Sproughton village church and there were lots and lots of people there.

“It was nice to see people from his old village of Glemsford and quite a few from the parish council in Sproughton,” said Mr Searle.

“I spoke to several people there who are now in their 30s and they told me that dad had always had time to stop and speak to them as they were growing up.

“There wasn’t much for them to do and he tried to help.

“He was a doer, he said he would do something and he did.”

Mr Searle described his father as a “100 per cent genuine person” and added: “He will be sorely, sorely missed.”

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