Speed bump woes lead to petition

HE'S got the hump over this bump!This Ipswich resident couldn't believe it when he discovered plans to move this speed hump just metres along a road at the cost of £10,000.

HE'S got the hump over this bump!

This Ipswich resident couldn't believe it when he discovered plans to move this speed hump just metres along a road at the cost of £10,000.

James King, of Balmoral Close, lives near to the speed hump which was one of four installed in Belstead Road by Ipswich Borough Council only 18 months ago.

But a notice has appeared to say the council plans to move the hump 100 metres down the road so all four will be equal distances apart.

If given the go-ahead the measure will cost £10,000 and Mr King was so upset at the idea he has been around his neighbourhood collecting a petition against the move going ahead.

He said: “The notice went up in October to say they were thinking of changing it but I have only recently heard that it is actually going before an executive meeting at the council.

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“It will be such a waste of council tax money. I don't see why the council couldn't have installed them evenly 18 months ago.

“I have been so angry about it that I have been around my neighbourhood asking people's opinions on it and have collected around 22 signatures which I then handed into the council.”

Keith Rawlingson, county councillor for the area, claimed the existing speed humps were part of a larger traffic calming plan drawn up four years ago, but the council ditched the works before they had been completed.

He said: “There should be more but the present administration abandoned those works which has left the four speed bumps sitting gloriously by themselves.

“The plans for Belstead Road were carefully consulted on four years ago, but because there wasn't the money to do it all at once, it was phased.

“I think the original plans should have been followed through - the £10,000 spent on removing the hump would be better spent that way.”

The plan will be discussed at an executive meeting at Grafton House, in Russell Road, on March 13 at 6pm.

Ipswich Borough councillor Paul West said: “The hump was originally placed where it was so it could have duel purpose as a device for slowing traffic and as a table-top crossing.

“But it leaves a lot of room for drivers to speed up and the idea is that by making it an equal distance apart it would stop this from happening.

“It would cost £5,000 to move it and at least £3,000 to re-instate it. Another £2,000 would be set aside for complications.”

Do you think moving the bump is a good use of council money? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail eveningstarletters@eveningstar.co.uk>

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