Speed cameras switched on as 60mph limit enforced on Orwell Bridge

The "not in use" signs have now been removed and the cameras are enforcing the new 60mph limit.

The "not in use" signs have now been removed and the cameras are enforcing the new 60mph limit.

The new 60mph limit on the Orwell Bridge and the average speed cameras set up between the Wherstead and Nacton interchanges are due to be switched on during Friday, April 15.

The lower speed limit was introduced in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents on the bridge that can cause major problems for traffic.

Although many felt it was difficult to travel at more than 60mph over the bridge, the presence of the cameras is expected to persuade drivers to take more care over their speed.

The work to introduce a new speed limit, improve road markings and install new traffic signs between Wherstead and Nacton on the A14 near Ipswich started in November.

The work has been carried out by Highways England which has worked with Suffolk Police who will be enforcing the speed limit through its central ticketing office.

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A spokeswoman for Highways England said: “Safety is a top priority for Highways England and the new speed limit is part of a package of measures to improve safety on the A14 Orwell Bridge.

“We are grateful to drivers and local residents for their patience while the work was carried out.”

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The work is seen as vital to try to reduce the number of accidents on the bridge – when the A14 is closed traffic is diverted through the town centre causing serious congestion.

Reducing the speed limit on the bridge, which can be buffeted by high winds, was seen as a vital tool in cutting accidents.

But without the average speed cameras it was feared that many drivers would ignore the limits.

The cameras were physically installed earlier this year, but until now have had signs on them telling drivers they were not in action.

The signs were removed on Wednesday night as electricians switched the cameras on and anyone exceeding the speed limit over the bridge is now likely to recorded and to receive a fixed penalty notice or a summons to court.

The limit is expected to also reduce the number of accidents on the A14 westbound on the Nacton side just before the Orwell Bridge itself.

The filling station just before the bridge has a very short slip-road back on to the A14 and problems with vehicles rejoining the road after being refuelled has been blamed for several accidents over the years.

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