Spirit of demolished pub to live on in unique sign

IPSWICH: A well-known pub has been reduced to rubble after being demolished to make way for housing.

A noticeable gap has emerged in Foxhall Road following the destruction of the Blooming Fuchsia pub which stood for more than 100 years on the corner of Fuchsia Lane.

The uniquely named pub closed its doors for the last time in November. In May, Ipswich Borough Council granted permission for six new homes to be built.

Planners granted permission for housing to be built on the grounds, saying: “The development will provide needed new homes in an accessible location, to a good standard of design.”

But a fragment of the Fuchsia is to live on as a memento of the past following pressure from local residents and Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) members, who ensured the pub’s ornate tiled sign be preserved and displayed on a wall of the development as a condition of the planning deal.

Property developer Landex Ventures secured permission to build six dwellings and adjacent shared parking and gardens on the former pub site.