Stabbing in Ipswich

AN Ipswich teenager has been arrested today after two men were stabbed in London Road in the town.Police and an ambulance were called to London Road at 9.

RESIDENTS today said they are “not surprised” by a double stabbing in an Ipswich street blighted by drugs and prostitution.

Two men were taken to Ipswich Hospital yesterday morning after they were assaulted at a house in the town end of London Road. Both men suffered stab wounds to their arms but their injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Today, those living and working in the street said it was not unusual to see police cars in the area due to problems with class A drugs.

A woman who works in the street and wished to remain nameless said: “There is a lot going on up here. There were two young ladies taken away screaming last week and we had a young lady sleeping in our passage way and my colleague went to put the bins out and came face to face with a lady with a needle.”

The woman said she had not paid much attention when police arrived yesterday morning as disturbances were commonplace in the street.

She said she had seen three police cars and an ambulance arrive at the scene at about 10am yesterday and had seen a black man, wearing just a pair of shorts, get into as police car. He was not wearing handcuffs.

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The house where the incident occurred is also believed to have been subject to a police order at the end of last year.

The order was put into place due to a problem with Class A drug use or supply and restricted anyone other than the tenant entering the property.

Another resident in the street said there was a crack house opposite where he lived and there had been a problem with prostitution for many years.

Police had left the area by 11.30am yesterday and the street had returned to normality.

A workman in the street, who also wished to remain nameless, said he was not shocked by the stabbings.

He said: “Someone was beaten up over the road the other week, mind you he was drunk. Another bloke went down there and I went down there and got him up and told him to clear off and they went back after him again.

“I wasn't surprised to see police here. They often come up here.”

Police yesterday arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of assault following the incident. He was later released on bail until November 5.

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