Stabbing victim due to be named

POLICE were today due to name a stabbing victim who died in Stowupland.

POLICE were today due to name a stabbing victim who died in Stowupland.

A murder inquiry began just before 3am yesterday after the victim, who is believed to be aged 21, died at a block of flats.

Police arrested a 26-year-old man on suspicion of murder in Stowmarket after the victim lost his fight for life following what is said to have begun as a domestic dispute in Trinity Walk, Stowupland.

A woman, who lives in the next block of flats to the one where the man was fatally injured, said: “It was about 2.30am and a couple were rowing. I could hear screaming.

“The man who was stabbed had already banged on my door asking me to help him. He was saying 'call an ambulance I've been stabbed'.

“Because I am living on my own and I have a young daughter I was wary about opening the door, but my neighbour opened the door to him and called an ambulance.

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“He died opposite my flat in the communal area. The woman was with him as he lay dying and she kept saying 'I love you'. It looked like he had been stabbed and the woman also had facial injuries.

“It was very frightening”

Shocked residents also revealed that they heard a woman's screams moments before a man was killed in a quiet Suffolk street.

Meanwhile, an eye witness has told how he watched as police arrested a man in connection with a murder investigation in Stowupland.

The witness said: “At around 3.20am I heard shouting outside and I looked out of my window and saw police arresting a man.

“There was only one police car there at that point. I could hear the police shouting, telling the man to put his hands on his head.

“The road was closed almost straight away after that and more police cars arrived to maintain the cordon.

“I went out to ask police what was going on but they just said 'something serious'.”

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