Staffies find a new home

DESPERATE dogs in need of a home are today wagging their tails in glee after getting new owners.

DESPERATE dogs in need of a home are today wagging their tails in glee after getting new owners.

Three-year-old deaf dog Ruby and five Staffordshire bull terriers, who have been staying at the RSPCA animal centre in Martlesham for the last few months, are now well on the way to going to new homes thanks to an appeal in The Evening Star.

The centre in Mill Lane was inundated with responses following the appeal for homes earlier this month.

Ruby, the boxer-cross-bulldog, has not been able to hear since she was born and, as a result, has struggled throughout her life to properly relate to other dogs and humans.

Thanks to some intensive sign language sessions by her carer at the centre, she was beginning to relate well to others, and now her new owner plans to carry on the good work started. The sign language includes thumbs up, meaning 'good girl', and thumbs down meaning 'bad girl'.

Her condition proved to be too much for her previous owner and she ended up being brought to the centre five months ago. She was briefly homed in that time but failed to settle. There is just a home visit to complete before she can be handed over to her new owner.

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Kieron Adams, manager of RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich, said: “The woman who has reserved Ruby is really good. She has been into the centre to learn the sign language. They get on really well.”

Five of the Staffies at the centre have also been homed thanks to the Star's appeal, leaving just one adult of that breed left.

It was reported that many of the Staffies and cross breeds were not being homed because the breed has a bad reputation but Miss Adams insists this is unfounded and they do make good pets.

She said: “Staffies are wonderful family dogs. They can be very loyal and very good with children.

“They really make lovely pets and their temperament is generally very good.”

People who are interested in homing any dogs or other animals should call the centre on 01473 623280 or visit their website at

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