Star readers in backlash over Travel Ipswich after claim only ‘same few readers’ are angry

The work ongoing in the town centre as part of the Travel Ipswich scheme

The work ongoing in the town centre as part of the Travel Ipswich scheme - Credit: Contributed

Angry Star readers have hit out at claims that the £21million scheme has only frustrated a small minority.

James Finch, cabinet member for transport at Suffolk County Council (SCC), said this week that only “the same few readers” are responsible for the “majority of adverse comments” against the scheme designed to improve traffic in the town.

The revamp started in summer 2012 and was due to finish in April 2014, but will now end next spring.

His remarks triggered a backlash of around 40 negative comments.

One online reader, Driven Roundabend, said: “I was always taught that in customer service the one angry customer who complains probably represents a hundred others who were equally angry but who couldn’t be bothered to complain.

“As for the ‘only the same few angry readers complaining’ quip, I think it shows great arrogance and a lack of understanding.”

Another, spboy, said: “I can assure Mr Finch many thousands of people in Ipswich are angered by how your department has chosen to waste £21 million.

“I am a taxi driver and would like to invite Mr Finch into my car so I can show him the problems caused by SCC in recent years. Ipswich is only a few months away from total gridlock.”

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Esco Fiasco wrote: “I don’t know a single person who thinks the traffic in Ipswich has improved.”

Mr Finch stood by his comments. He said: “(Travel Ipswich) was a very ambitious scheme. Over £21m is a lot of money and they have tried to make sure things are done properly.

“I want things done quicker but at the end of the day we have got to be realists. “There are still more projects to be do; the Nacton Road project will restart after Christmas and the other two will start in March.”

The Travel Ipswich project is aimed at improving traffic amid a planned 15% traffic increase by 2021.

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