Star readers raise thousands for appeal

THANKS for having such a big, big heart!

THANKS for having such a big, big heart!

The Evening Star's amazing readers have shown outstanding generosity by reaching deep into their pockets for the 'Have a Heart' appeal.

More than �5,800 has been collected - all individual donations from patients desperate to see state-of-the-art heart care facilities at Ipswich Hospital, rather than only provided outside the county.

The appeal is asking for just �1 for everyone who may one day need vital cardiac care at Heath Road, which would collect a whopping �350,000.

But many people have given much more, with cheques coming in for up to �250.

The money will then go towards Ipswich Hospital's quest to build up angioplasty services - a specialist heart technique - helping provide more staff, facilities and equipment.

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If the hospital fails to set up the new service then patients in Suffolk have no hope of being treated in their local hospital when they suffer a life-threatening heart attack, and will instead face a dash for life to Norwich, Papworth in Cambridgeshire, or Basildon in Essex.

Nigel Pickover, editor of the Star, said: “We have had an amazing response to the Have a Heart campaign and I thank every person who has given.

“We are making a big difference and are showing health bosses that the people of Ipswich and Suffolk are willing to take a stand over healthcare services in Suffolk.

“I am proud that The Evening Star is leading the charge to make sure we can offer people not just a better service, but the absolute best.

- To support the 'Have a Heart' appeal send cheques made payable to Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust to Have a Heart, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich IP4 1AN, or donate money in person at the Star's Ipswich offices.

- If you want to start fundraising to help us raise as much money as possible for the hospital, let us know about your event by calling The Evening Star news desk on 01473 324788 or e-mail

- SHOW you have a heart

IF you give just �1 to the 'Have a Heart' appeal you could be helping to save a life - so we want to say thank you.

Donators who come into The Evening Star reception to give �1 will become part of the face of the campaign itself.

We will take a photo of each person and use the powerful images to once again convey to health bosses just how many people in Suffolk want top-notch health services at Ipswich Hospital.

One man who has already taken the plunge is 75-year-old Patrick Carey who gave a whopping �100 to 'Have a Heart'.

Mr Carey, of Foxhall Road, Ipswich, said: “I thought it seems a very sensible idea to help Ipswich Hospital.

“Hospitals used to be locally based and I think care should be more local.

“You never know when you are going to need care for heart problems.”

Have a Heart appeal

- The Evening Star's 'Have a Heart' appeal is raising money to help fund a specialist heart attack centre at Ipswich Hospital

- Three high-tech primary angioplasty (PPCI) centres have been set up at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Papworth in Cambridge and Basildon in Essex, but not in Suffolk

- From September 1 serious heart attack patients in Suffolk will be sent to these centres, facing much longer journeys for care than people living nearby, and therefore having less chance of survival

- Health bosses say Ipswich Hospital does not currently have the infrastructure or staff to provide the service

- The Evening Star has been campaigning for a primary angioplasty centre to be set up in Ipswich so residents have the best level of care possible and don't face long journeys for treatment

- After successfully changing healthcare policy with our campaign we have now launched the 'Have a Heart' appeal which is raising money to help set up a catheter laboratory at Heath Road

The Star is asking for just one pound from every person who may need care at Ipswich Hospital's cardiac department in the future - which would collect around �350,000

- The lab will originally be used to treat non-urgent heart operations but could eventually be expanded into a primary angioplasty centre

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