Star reward collected after attack

TODAY it's difficult to see Adam Benmore's scars.On first sight you wouldn't notice the tiny scar on his jaw where titanium plates were implanted in his cheeks.

TODAY it's difficult to see Adam Benmore's scars.

On first sight you wouldn't notice the tiny scar on his jaw where titanium plates were implanted in his cheeks.

The work of a team of surgeons trying to splice the shattered bone back together.

Six months after his vicious attack outside an Ipswich nightclub, he is starting to build his life back together.

The agoraphobia brought on by his brutal attack, for which Adam still receives counselling, is lessening.

Recently he was even able to go out clubbing for the first time in months.

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And he owes it all to the woman on his right.

Because it's due to 21-year-old Solvejc Warwick's quick-witted actions that Ross Lorimer and Daniel Coulson the men who assaulted him, was convicted.

Solvejc, after reading of a £500 appeal from the Evening Star to find the men who attacked Adam outside Liquid nightclub in November last year, called police.

She said: "I went to Liquid with a friend of mine. It was someone's birthday and I had a camera that I needed to finish the film on."

Little did she know that a few innocent snaps on the dance floor would lead to the conviction of two brutal attackers.

Because one of the men Solvejc had caught on film went on, after the club shut, to beat Adam up so badly a final punch broke his jaw.

Solvejc, currently studying for a diploma in animal welfare, went on: "One of my friends was chatted up by one of Adam's attackers and had given her his number. So when the police told us who they were after we could even give them his mobile number.

"When I read about the appeal in the Star, I thought if I had some information that could help I ought to come forward."

When Adam's friend, Matthew Edwards, tried to intervene 19-year-old Coulson, of Causeway Estate, Hitcham punched him in the face and then held him in a headlock and punched him again

But the police investigation was hampered by lack of CCTV footage and the inebriation of would-be witnesses.

Detective Constable Mike Blayney had so little to go on the Star pledged to help catch the attacker in an appeal to witnesses.

Det Con Blayney said: "Without the help of the Star and then Solvejc being among those coming forward, we wouldn't have caught the attacker."

In court a magistrate found 22-year-old Ross Lorimer, a keen boxer, guilty of grievous bodily harm and ordered him to pay £4,000 compensation.

He also sentenced Lorimer, of The Green, Bottisham, to two years' probation and 100 hours community punishment. Lorimer was also electronically tagged for six months.

Det Con Blayney said: "It was a really nasty attack. The long-term effects on Adam have been devastating. We wouldn't have caught the offenders had it not been for Solvejc and the appeal in the Star."

And for Adam the conviction marked the end of a harrowing ordeal. He said: "I feel like I can close this chapter of my life and move on, thanks to the police, Solvejc and the Star."

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