Steward hit by car as he marshalled at Ipswich Half Marathon plans to take part in this year’s race

Thousands of runners took part in the Ipswich Half marathon last year

Thousands of runners took part in the Ipswich Half marathon last year - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An Ipswich Half Marathon steward who was knocked over by an “agitated” motorist who drove round a road block has said he hopes to take part in this year’s race.

David Wood, 51, of Norwich Road, suffered a knee injury after the incident in Christchurch Street, Ipswich, on Sunday, September 20 last year.

South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court heard last month John Stannard, 73, had mounted the pavement in an effort to ignore safety barriers preventing him from getting into Tuddenham Road.

Stannard, of Mill Rise, Holbrook, pleaded guilty by post to careless driving.

Mr Wood, a Port of Felixstowe worker, also cares for his wife Denise, 51, who has multiple sclerosis.

He said: “I still occasionally wake with pain in my right knee at night. But I have not had a day off work and am continuing with physio. I hope to run the half marathon this year. It might bring some closure for me.”

In the incident last year, Stannard was driving a Toyota Corolla which had a trailer attached. He reached the top of Christchurch Street to discover Tuddenham Road was closed.

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Event marshal Mr Wood saw and heard Stannard becoming “very agitated” and without any warning the 73-year-old’s Toyota accelerated on to the pavement and through the road closed signs as he intended to turn into Tuddenham Road, magistrates heard.

But Stannard failed to stop and collided with Mr Wood, knocking him to the ground.

In a letter to the court, Stannard said shortly after turning left into Christchurch Street he saw he could not get into Tuddenham Road. He felt he could not have turned around due to the trailer and carried on to Tuddenham Road by mistake.

Stannard stated Mr Wood left the safety of the path and jumped on to the Toyota when his foot got entangled causing him to fall to the ground.

Magistrates endorsed Stannard’s driving licence with nine penalty points. He was fined £280 and ordered to pay £85 costs and £28 to the victims’ fund.

Thompsons Solicitors, which represented Mr Wood, said car accident victims may not receive free legal representation if a government proposal to increase the small claims limit from £1,000 to £5,000 goes ahead.