Still time to back our Ipswich Northern Bypass petition in the wake of Orwell Bridge closure gridlock

The Orwell bridge on a clear day. By Sue Goodman.

The Orwell bridge on a clear day. By Sue Goodman. - Credit:

Hundreds of readers have already backed the Ipswich Star’s campaign calling for a northern bypass – and it’s not too late to pledge your support.

In March the long-running issue was brought back on to the political agenda when a feasibility study was commissioned by local authorities exploring potential routes.

And on November 24, we launched a campaign calling for the bypass after the decision by Highways England to close the Orwell Bridge for 12 hours because of strong winds left Ipswich gridlocked for hours.

And last week fresh calls were made when a police incident on the bridge again brought Ipswich to a standstill.

Dozens of readers have been calling for more to be done to ease pressure on both the town centre and A14 traffic, with more than 350 people having already backed the Star’s campaign.

Among the comments from petition signers have been: “This bypass is urgently needed, Ipswich has become a nightmare to drive in, a disaster when the Orwell Bridge closures.”

Another added: “The road network is severely outdated and has not kept up with the growth in Suffolk over the last 30 years.

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“The government must update the travel infrastructure to help keep us modern, enhance growth and provide jobs.”

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer and borough council leader David Ellesmere have expressed their support for the campaign and the need for a route.

Speaking for the campaign’s launch, Mr Gummer said: “It is imperative that we continue the momentum on this project as it will take some time before spades hit the ground and is essential that that happens before we build significant numbers of new houses to the north of Ipswich, not afterwards when the town is even more congested.”

Mr Gummer added that both the northern bypass and Wet Dock Crossing were essential in improving Ipswich’s transport links, and critically were needed before any northern fringe development.

To pledge your support for the campaign post or drop in the attached form, or visit our website to fill in the online form.