Stowmarket: Driver who knocked over man on verge is banned

A PLASTERER who drove on to a grass verge and knocked over his daughter’s former boyfriend after a family row has been banned from driving for six months after being found guilty of careless driving.

Father-of-four Stephen Landymore had denied a more serious offence of dangerous driving in Poplar Hill Stowmarket on September 5 last year and was found not guilty by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court after a three-day trial. However the jury found him guilty of careless driving, an offence that Landymore had offered to plead guilty to at an earlier stage of the proceedings.

Sentencing 49-year-old Landymore for careless driving Judge Simon Barham said he had been “upset and angry” after receiving a telephone call from his distressed wife asking him to come home because his daughter’s former boyfriend, Tony Brame, had been at the house causing trouble. On his way home Landymore saw Mr Brame and had mounted the kerb and driven on to a grass verge with the intention of punching him.

However Landymore’s brand new Ford Focus had struck Mr Brame causing him to hit the windscreen and end up with his jacket trapped under a front wheel.

Fortunately Mr Brame suffered only minor injuries.

However Judge Barham said: “Clearly the incident could have been much more serious and I take the view that this case comes within the most serious band of careless driving offences.”

He fined Landymore, of Thomas Young Close, Stowmarket, �400, banned him from driving for six months and ordered him to pay �30 compensation for damage to Mr Brame’s clothes, �85 prosecution costs and a �15 victim surcharge payment.

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Judge Barham also made a defence costs order to allow for Landymore’s defence costs at crown court to be paid out of central funds.