Stowmarket: Freya’s loving help for best friend Rubi-May

STOWMARKET: The family of a little girl recovering from a serious illness have said a huge “thank you” to her best friend for helping her return to school.

Rubi-May Mason, five, was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer last year and spent months undergoing treatment, spending lots of time in hospital or at home.

But she recently returned to Stowmarket’s Wood Ley Primary School full-time and has managed to get back into the swing of life in the classroom thanks largely to her best friend Freya Parris.

Rubi-May lives in Stowmarket with mum Maxine, 36, and dad Paul, 37.

Mrs Mason said little Freya, also five, had made such a difference to their daughter’s everyday life.

She said: “Rubi-May has changed dramatically for the good and much of that is down to her friend Freya, who has been thinking of her and doing her shoe laces up, getting her a drink or tissues when she needs them.

“They have been friends since they were born, really.”

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This time last year, Rubi-May was about to undergo a major operation but now she is preparing for a magical trip to Lapland, courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation.

She is making such good progress that she even had a disco dance exam last week and has been spending a lot of time at school with Freya and her other friends.

Mrs Mason added: “Freya has just done it naturally and doesn’t grumble about it and is very protective towards Rubi-May as well.

“Rubi-May was ever so weak when she first went back and had to have a lot of care but as soon as she got in, Freya would help her. We’re really glad they ended up in the same class together.”

Rubi May added: “She helps me with my gloves and counts how many sips of my drink I have and does my coat up.

“She’s my best friend.”

The girls’ class teacher Sarah Mann said it had been “lovely to see” Freya being so helpful to her friend.

She said: “Rubi-May has got a lot more independent and used to the routine of school life, but when she first came back Freya would help her carry her bags from the gate to the classroom and put her book bag in her tray and sit at her desk with her.

“She is so very caring towards Rubi-May and understands her needs and that she has to drink more. It’s quite grown-up really, for a five-year-old, and it’s lovely to see.”

Freya said: “I do it because she’s my best friend and because I love her. She gives me a cuddle and I give her one back.”

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