Stowmarket squatters face eviction

SQUATTERS who have taken over a former social services property in the centre of a market town are facing eviction.

John Howard

SQUATTERS who have taken over a former social services property in the centre of a market town are facing eviction.

Residents in Stowmarket are worried that the group of about six people could be there for weeks, but Suffolk Police have confirmed that an eviction order has been served and the matter is being dealt with.

Town mayor Anne Whybrow now hopes the matter in Ipswich Street can be brought to quick resolution.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “Clearly this may cause some concern within the community and if people are worried they should speak to us. We have had a few calls from residents letting us know that people are inside the building and it is being dealt with by the owners.

“We appreciate that if a building is empty landlords may not wish to spend a lot of money, but we can always give appropriate advice.

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“Buildings need to be as secure as possible, alarms working if they are installed, with good lighting and CCTV always helps.”

Residents said they were worried that the property could be occupied for weeks before those inside are required to move on.

Mrs Whybrow, Stowmarket mayor and a Suffolk county councillor for the community, said she was saddened that there is a squat in the heart of her picturesque town.

She said: “We would hope that while they are inhabiting this building that they treat the area with some respect and consideration for other people.

“There are procedures to go through to get them to vacate and I hope that the property department at Suffolk County Council addresses this issue with great haste.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council which is currently going through the legal process to remove the squatters, said: “The property, a former social services office, was empty and is due to be sold.

“We regret that this has happened and we hope to put the situation right as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience to local residents.”

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