Street clean to revamp town centre

TRADERS have today welcomed plans to tidy up part of Ipswich town centre.

Anthony Bond

TRADERS have today welcomed plans to tidy up part of Ipswich town centre.

A variety of community groups and organisations will combine on Wednesday to clean Upper Orwell Street, Orwell Place and Foundation Street.

Helping out will be the Ipswich Central Street Rangers, Suffolk police, Ipswich Borough Council and local traders.

They will spend the full day removing weeds and litter from the area and paint the boarding on some of the disused premises.

Emma Hibbert, 38, a volunteer in The Fair Trade Shop in Orwell Place, said: “It is a good idea for all the traders to come together working as a community. To get this area looking tidy is only going to be a benefit.

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“There are several empty shops and it should look as smart and attractive as possible to get more customers coming down here. It can only be a good thing.”

David East, 61, owner of Daman Interiors in Orwell Place, which opened recently, said: “Obviously we need to keep a clean environment for the general ambience and also the less rubbish people see, then the less inclined they will be to drop it.”

Despite thinking it was a good idea, Anna Skiba, 56, from Roberts Jewellers on Upper Orwell Street, said: “There are lots of empty shops around here and nothing to bring people in.

“The police are trying to solve the problems of drinkers but they leave lots of rubbish. I think it is a good idea but I am not sure it will be successful.”

Richard Culley, from Ipswich Central, said: “This project is really about all of us working as a community to help create a cleaner, brighter environment.”

Volunteers are meeting in St Pancras Church Hall, in Orwell Place, at 9am on Wednesday, although this is weather dependent. If you want to help, contact Richard Culley on 0845 155 3030.

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