Street drinking menace Michael Smith banned from Ipswich town centre for three years

Michael Smith, 52, from Ipswich, was jailed for six months after wielding a knife at Crown Pools in

Michael Smith, 52, from Ipswich, was jailed for six months after wielding a knife at Crown Pools in Ipswich

A street drinking menace has been banned from Ipswich town centre for three years.

Among Michael Smith’s latest crimes were pointing a knife at a Crown Pools’ staff member, threatening behaviour and shoplifting.

Smith, of Inverness Road, Ipswich has been a constant thorn in the side of the police, businesses and the public over the years due to his alcohol dependency.

The 52-year-old is the second person in a month to be given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) by the town’s magistrates after an application by police.

Sergeant Vicky McParland said: “Michael Smith is a persistent nuisance in the town centre and his behaviour has been deteriorating.

“He has previously been the subject of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order excluding him from the town centre.

“When that expired he reappeared and started causing problems again so we had to apply for a CBO.

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“The granting of the application is a good result for Ipswich town centre and gets the message across that we won’t tolerate anti-social behaviour, in particular linked to street drinking.

“We are pleased with the outcome and hope this also sends out a strong message to others.”

Smith is banned from an area within - and including - Crown Street, St Margaret’s Street, Upper Orwell Street, Orwell Place, Tacket Street, Dogs Head Street, Falcon Street, Friars Street and Museum Street.

The application for the order came after Smith was jailed for six months in May.

At his South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court sentencing his solicitor John Hughes said Smith drinks to cope with post traumatic stress from his days serving in the army in the former Yugoslavia.

Smith was arrested at the swimming pool on Crown Street on March 23.

He admitted a number of offences including possessing a knife in a public place and using threatening abusive or insulting behaviour.

Other offences included three thefts of alcohol and food from Co-op in Sidegate Lane, and stealing a wind-up radio from Maplin in Carr Street.

Last month Shaun Gull, 45, of Fore Street, Ipswich, was the first shoplifter to be given a three-year CBO banning him from Ipswich town centre.

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