Street parties in Ipswich, vintage tea in Felixstowe and a sail-past in Woolverstone mark Queen’s 90th

Queens 90th Birthday celebration Tea Party at Felixstowe a Town Hall
Cllr Nick Barber, deputy mayor

Queens 90th Birthday celebration Tea Party at Felixstowe a Town Hall Cllr Nick Barber, deputy mayor, Felixstowe Mayor and Consort Jan and Jon Garfield with Judy Barber being served tea by Sue Faversham and Cllr Steve Gallant

Hundreds of people braved the less-than-summery weather to take part in the many celebratory events being held for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Street parties, Britain’s traditional way of marking big royal occasions, were held in Ipswich on Sunday while tea parties were also on the agenda.

At Stutton Primary School, an event for the whole community was held.

Emma Powell, chairman of the school’s parent-teacher association, said: “Everyone turned up and it was well attended.

“We always like to involve the community as much as possible and they are always really good at supporting the school.”

One of the larger events held was a special sail-past at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club in Woolverstone.

Around 50 ships coasted serenely past the club house on the southern bank of the River Orwell on Saturday afternoon.

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Mayor of Felixstowe Jan Garfield hosted a tea party in the town hall yesterday.

As well as meeting the mayor visitors enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake and the vintage-themed event.

In Graham Road, Ipswich a street party was well attended by residents from neighbouring Anglesea Road entering into the spirit of the occasion.

Organiser Maria Johnson said: “The most important thing is bringing these people together and celebrating the Queen’s birthday. When again will we be celebrating a queen’s 90th?

“Everyone who confirmed turned up. I’m very happy because everyone has been very happy to contribute. We didn’t spend money at all.

“It’s all been worth it. The feedback has been very positive.”

At Halifax Primary School on Friday pupils enjoyed a tea party and took part in a competition for the best crown, tiara, sash or rosette.

Another street party in Ipswich, aptly held on Queen Street, was organised by Ipswich Central.