Students from Ipswich’s One sixth form take on community clean-up after “unfair” littering criticism

One sixth form in Ipswich. Credit: Gregg Brown.

One sixth form in Ipswich. Credit: Gregg Brown. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Sixth formers blamed for littering in their community are taking a positive step to fix the problem and prove their critics wrong.

Four students from One, in Ipswich, are teaming up to clean up Bourne Park and the parish of Pinewood throughout February.

In the past residents living close to the sixth form in Scrivener Drive have pointed the finger at students for rubbish strewn nearby.

Project manager Bradley Martyn, 17 and from Ipswich, said: “One sometimes gets blamed for littering in the area and I think that’s unfair.

“This will hopefully send out a very positive message to the general public that we care and we are doing our bit to help.

“I think young people often get overly criticised so hopefully by doing this we can try and make people think differently.”

The effort will form part of the pupils’ BTEC business course.

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Fellow litter-picker Mason Seymour, 17 and from Ipswich, said the “ultimate aim” was to inspire other schools to set up similar schemes.

Deputy principal of One, Jenny Milsom, said: “We take our role in the community extremely seriously and we always encourage our students to project themselves positively by their actions.

“I think that overall this is a great project and I’m proud of their considerate efforts.”