Suffolk: 1,200 council jobs now lost across county, says union

SUFFOLK: Nearly 1,200 jobs have been lost from local authorities across the county since the general election, according to a new survey from the GMB union.

The survey, using figures from the Local Government Association, shows that 1,163 fewer full-time staff are employed by councils across the county, compared to the first quarter of 2010.

The largest number of job losses, 919, has come at the county council – representing 5.2 per cent of its workforce.

Among districts, the greatest job losses came in Waveney, Mid Suffolk, and Babergh – while according to these figures the number of staff in Ipswich increased.

However during this period the revenue departments of Ipswich, Mid Suffolk and Babergh were combined into a single operation run by the borough from Grafton House.

That meant some staff who had been based in Hadleigh or Needham Market were transfered to Ipswich – and overall there was a total loss of 63 posts between the three authorities.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: “Funding available to councils across the country has been cut, meaning we have to save money on costs like staff.

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“In Suffolk we’ve made significant reductions in senior management costs so that we can protect the front line as much as possible.”

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