Suffolk band's big break

“STAND Still Kid” will be heard all over the UK on Radio 1 tomorrow.

“STAND Still Kid” will be heard all over the UK on Radio 1 tomorrow.

James Brown, the band's drummer, applied for them to be a House Band for Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw's Switch show last month and quickly heard that he had been successful.

The House Band is a regular feature on the show, aiming to allow unsigned acts from around the country a chance to promote their music.

“When I applied, I didn't really think anything would come out of it but I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and push us a bit further” James said.

During the show, broadcast between 7pm and 10pm every Sunday night, the band will have a live telephone interview with Annie and Nick and a clip from their music will be played.

The band have also been asked to record a fifteen second jingle advertising the Switch show in their own distinctive style: “It's really good, we're very happy with it - I've shown a couple of people and they like it” James said.

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“Dan's vocals are always a bit puzzling, with hidden messages, but they sound really cool” he added.

The band and their website will also be featured on the Radio 1 website for the rest of the week.

The type of music played by the band is described by James as “a kind of indie-pop-dance music. When I say dance I don't mean a techno kind of sound, but just the kind that gets people moving - you can dance really well to our music.”

“Stand Still Kid” is comprised of four members: James Brown, 18, on the drums, Tom Steggall, 18, on the bass, Kerri Butcher, 18, on the guitar and Dan Stamp, 17, who provides vocals.

As well as tonight's Lovemusic launch they are well known at venues in Ipswich, Colchester and Sudbury. For more information see their website: