Suffolk Car Free Friday: Cycle Ipswich challenging people to ditch the car one day a week during June

Cycle Ipswich is encouraging people to car share, walk, bike or use public transport every Friday du

Cycle Ipswich is encouraging people to car share, walk, bike or use public transport every Friday during June. - Credit: Archant

A new campaign launched today is challenging people in Suffolk to go car-free on every Friday during June.

Anna Matthews outside La Tour Cycle Caf�.

Anna Matthews outside La Tour Cycle Caf�. - Credit: Archant

It has been set-up by Cycle Ipswich in a bid to improve people’s health and to ease traffic problems around the county.

Anna Matthews, a member of the cycle campaigning group and co-owner of La Tour Cycle Cafe, said: “Cycle Ipswich is launching a movement to challenge people to ditch the car every Friday in June and to try another mode of getting to work or school or leisure activities.

“This could be in the form of car sharing, it could in the form of walking, using public transport, or it would be great if people were inspired to get on their bicycles.”

Mrs Matthew said the main benefits of the initiative would be: people living a healthier lifestyle, a reduction of traffic on the roads, participants forming a better connection with their neighbours, and less pollution in the environment.

The idea was first raised at a Cycle Ipswich meeting at the beginning of this year as members felt they needed to do something to empower people to make a change in the way they travelled.

“We chose June because it is a relatively stable month in terms of the weather and lots of places of work have dress down days on a Friday so this will make it easier for people to hop on their bikes or use the local bus,” added Mrs Matthews, who gave up her family car four years ago.

Anyone taking part in the challenge can pick up a Suffolk Car Free Friday wristband free of charge from La Tour Cycle Cafe in Tower Street, Ipswich. Participants are also encouraged to like the Suffolk Car Free Friday Facebook page and to share pictures and details of their challenge during June.

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