Suffolk Constabulary warns residents to be wary of tricksters after two attempted telephone scams

Police are warning Suffolk residents to be cautious

Police are warning Suffolk residents to be cautious

Telephone scammers have attempted to trick two older people in Suffolk into handing over large sums of cash by using scare tactics, prompting a warning from police.

The victims have been praised by Suffolk Constabulary for sussing out the fraudsters and reporting the incidents to police.

On Monday, a man in his 80s from Ipswich received a call from someone claiming to be from the tax office. The victim was told he owed a sum of money and unless he purchased a quantity of music vouchers he would be arrested.

He was told he would receive a follow up call later that day for confirmation of purchase. The victim suspected something wasn’t right and notified police.

A second incident occurred yesterday. The victim – a woman in her 80s from Stowmarket – received a call from a man claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police in London.

She was told her bank was being investigated for fraud and that she was required to withdraw thousands of pounds from her account.

The caller repeated her full name and address to her and advised that officers would personally visit her home to collect this cash and collect her cards to be examined by police forensics.

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The victim was also warned that she was not to tell anyone about the call as she would be at risk of jeopardising the investigation and she could be taken to court.

She hung up the phone and called 999, but the caller had stayed on the line in an attempt to fool the victim. He then berated her and said that someone would be at her address shortly.

The victim hung up again and re-dialled 999 when she was connected to Suffolk police.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “Police would like to praise both victims’ quick-thinking in reporting the incidents and for their suspicion against the nature of both calls.

“Members of the public are reminded that no police force would call requesting residents hand over cash in this manner.”

Advice on staying safe against scams can be found here.

Incidents can be reported to Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 1232040.

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