Suffolk: Council backs Bradley Wiggins’ call for cyclists to wear helmets

AS the benefits and dangers of cycling were highlighted at the London Olympics, Suffolk’s road safety chief called for all road users to be aware of the benefits and potential dangers.

Guy McGregor is cabinet member for transport – and his brief includes road safety – and said cyclists and motorists should all be aware of the dangers on roads.

And he backed up Bradley Wiggins’ call for cyclists to take more care as they shared the roads with much larger vehicle.

Speaking after Wednesday’s tragedy when a cyclist died after a collision with an Olympic bus, the cycling legend called for consideration for helmets to be compulsory on roads.

An he also called for all cyclists to take care and, for instance, not to wear earphones while riding.

Mr McGregor said: “Bradley Wiggins was right to urge cyclists to take care to ensure they are as safe as possible – it is the job of those responsible for roads to make them as safe as possible.

“One of the issues is that if you look at surveys, it is clear that motorists tend to give a wider berth to cycles if they are not fully kitted up – if they don’t look as if they are as confident as someone who has all the right kit on.

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“Maybe what is needed is some kind of cycle confidence course – maybe like a driving confidence course that is offered to some older drivers.”

Mr McGregor said more and more people were cycling as part of their normal routine, to get too and from work and as part of their everyday life.